I feel the constant chafing of my uncomfortable skin:  two degrees off course and dragging.
If one could isolate that space, that damaged chromosome in words, in an image, then perhaps one could restore order by naming.   Fugitive Pieces: A Novel.By Anne Michaels.McClelland + Stewart Ltd.  Toronto ON Canada, 1996.
I am exploring how personal demons – shadows – thread themselves through sensibilities of physiological, emotional and psychological landscapes.  During two artist residencies I was initiated into the mythologies and landscape of my Icelandic heritage, in which mythical forces are believed to have a real physical presence. 
Formal elements used to support this idea include using traditional drawing materials of graphite, charcoal and ink for variation of line, occasionally photo collage, as well as ink/graphite washes and watercolours all of which are scanned at various stages and composed to be printed digitally on archival Rag paper.
During my struggles with autoimmune illness, all assumptions of self have been stripped away. Demons occupy spaces of peripheral vision and are at times tricksters purposefully keeping me off balance.  At other times they are beacons for reintegrating dissociated fragments of self. If you dream about wrestling with the devil, it may only be yourself you are wrestling with.


I have been fortunate to travel and experience many cultures while defining my purpose and locating my place.  Working in Iceland truly connected me to the essence of the land encouraging me to share its mystery.  I was compelled to visually explore the powerful feelings evoked by the commanding landscape and observations of Icelanders intuitive relationship to their environment.

Their landscape is never static, it’s alive with beings moving between realms:  Trolls live in the rocks sabotaging highway construction to protect their ‘boulderous’ homes and Elves show themselves to the wisest of souls.  During my artist residency I was initiated into the mythologies and landscape of my Icelandic heritage; fantastical narratives, personal myth, nostalgia, narrative and emotional landscape forms the foundation for these mixed media drawings
Using intuition and responsive gestures I investigate my inner topography, proceeding with delicacy to unveil the mysteries within; synthesizing memories, sense of place and observations layered with new emotions.